We are a Dubai based luxury accessory label that specializes in leather goods that are modern and handcrafted with elegance.

Odeem is a luxury accessory label founded in 2018 by Emirati designer, Fatma AlOtaiba. Growing up, she always had a passion for textures and particularly leather ones. Her curiosity towards the making of products, the details in perfecting, and the process of creating is what inspired her towards the seamless handbag. Odeem believes in designing timeless pieces that integrate craftsmanship and state of-the-art technologies.

As a woman with many handbags in her wardrobe, Fatma spent several years searching for the perfect bag with the perfect size and shape until she decided to create it herself. Odeem pieces are not only designed with quality in skins but also quality in making, to offer the highest sense of luxury for any woman that is in search for a handbag that flawlessly suits her.